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Scent Marketing 

The way your store or business smells has a huge impact on the way customers feel about your business. You may even be doing something intentional already to make sure it smells good in your showroom. But the question is: are you using the best, most efficient commercial scenting system?


Our All-Inclusive Commercial Scent Marketing Service allows you to keep your showroom smelling great all the time, and we make it super easy.

Your customer experience matters

Many purchase decisions are emotional decisions. That is the reason your customer experience is so important. Your customer experience is defined by the way customers feel about their experience with your company. In fact, the way they feel while in your store may be the most important aspect of your business. 

The way your customers feel about you is largely dependent on you creating an excellent first impression. Within the first few seconds of entering your door most shoppers will have already made up their mind about how they feel about buying from your company.

The first impression your customer forms is lasting

Scent is a powerful tool to help you control their emotional experience

Scent can be one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to creating a powerful first impression. That's because of all our 5 senses, our sense of smell is the only one that is connected directly to our emotional and memory center in our brain - the limbic system. With all other senses we must process and interpret what we have taken in, but with scent - the emotional connection is immediate.. 

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Pam Scholder, GSU Marketing Prof.

With all other senses, you think before you respond but with scent your  brain responds before your think

Business Impact Report, Premium Scenting

74% of consumers are drawn into a store because of smell.

BELL & BELL 2007

75% of emotions are generated by smell.

Savvy Marketers Use Scent

Present a calm environment and reduce anxiety


Increase Browse Times & Give an Impression of Cleanliness


Make your space or a room seem larger


Most business owners and marketers understand that the way their business smells has a HUGE impact on the way customers feel about doing business with them. In fact, you may already be doing something to make your business smell good. the question is:

Are you using the best, most efficient, and cost-effective solution?
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Fragrant Solutions

Commercial Scent Marketing Service

Our all-inclusive, hassle-free, solution allows you to create an incredible space easily and efficiently.

Make a Great First Impression

Cold Diffusion Technology maintains a consistent aroma level, impressing every guest, every time

Our diffusers are designed to fill your commercial space efficiently.

Refills show up at your door right on time, so you never have to worry about running out of scent

Cover Your Whole Store

Automatic Scent Refills

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Gradient Red Yellow


“Everyone who has come in has complimented us on how great it smells so it is definitely working great!” 

—  Megan, Lakeland Animal Hospital



How does it work?

We send you a diffuser programmed specifically for your store.


You get to try it free in your store for 7 days

If you like it, keep it and enjoy! If not, send it back free of charge

Click here to get started


Or call 888.465.3661 to talk to a sales rep today

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