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Unlike the other 4 senses, our sense of smell is an immediate trigger for emotions and memories.

The Science Behind Scent Marketing

People immediately form an opinion based on smells. Which means you can trigger a specific emotion, and bypass defense systems when customers visit your company by pumping scent into those areas customer come into contact with. 

Diving Deeper:

Our sense of smell is an immediate trigger for emotions and memories. That's because it's connected directly to the limibic system in the brain, which is our emotion and memory center.


All of the other 5 senses are passsed through the brain's interpretive center. 


So while customers have to process the things we see or hear, what we smell registers emotions immediately.

Tapping into the Power of Scent

Savy marketers use the way our brains work to their advantage to bypass customers natural defense systems and connecting on a deeper level to manipulate customers behaviors, emotions, and experience.

Present a calm environment and reduce anxiety


Increase Browse Times & Give an Impression of Cleanliness


Make your space or a room seem larger


“We love it! Everyone compliments us on how good our practice smells. You guys are great!”


-Cacey Frazier Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital

Scent Marketing Success

Are you trying to increase browse times? Maybe you'd like to reduce anxiety or elevate your customer's mood? You can also use scent to reduce errors, increase productivity, trigger memories, improve brand loyalty and much, much more.  Our scent specialists at Fragrant Solutions help you set your goals and select the perfect scent that will increase your bottom-line. 


After that, we'll help you set you up with our Fragrant Solutions system which will best handle your space and air flow.


And then, your set.


We'll keep a steady shipment of supplies coming to you so you don't have to keep up with anything except raking in the dough.





75% of emotions are generated by smell.


No other sensory system has this type of intimate link between emotion and associative learning

-Research Study by HREZ 2002

With all of the other senses, you think before you respond, but with scent, your brain responds before you think.


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