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Scent Marketing and the COVID 19 Pandemic

As you already know, aromas have a HUGE impact on the way customers feel about your store, shopping in your store, and whether they should buy from your store.

So are you leveraging this to help your store during this pandemic? You should.

As people brave the crazy and come out of their safe havens to shop you have an opportunity to stand out from the competitors or even earn the trust of your guests on their very first visit. By giving them an environment that screams CLEAN and SAFE.

Scent may be your greatest tool.

With scent you can easily imprint an image of cleanliness, simply by making the environment smell clean - the minute they walk in the door.

We have a variety of fragrances that scream “CLEAN!” to your customers. And our commercial scenting service allows you to easily create and maintain this impression on your guests.

Give us a call if you’d like help or suggestions! As the country begins to open back up we want to make sure you are communicating the right messages, that earn you more sales with one of the most powerful forces you have to impress your customers – their sense of smell.

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