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The Key to Making the Sale

Bypass the obstacles blocking your sales team.

Great military commanders have always known that an enemy position only falls one of two ways: either you take it, or the enemy gives it up. Either you break down the castle walls, or they open the gates. Your sales team runs up against the fortress of sales resistance every day, and most of the time, the only option they have is to storm the castle gates with advertising. Wouldn’t it be easier to get your customer to open the gates for you, though?

Every advertisement makes an argument to convince your customers of something; it also puts up their rational defenses. You must get through to them, and make them receptive to your pitch. Scent marketing skips that step – it bypasses the rational part of the brain and goes straight to the emotional center, and places your customers right where you need them to seal the deal.

Give your sales team the key to that mental gate keeping you from making more sales with Scent marketing.

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