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Extending Browsing Time with Scent

Sell great, without being open late.

Open Late! Extended Hours! Here early to serve you! You probably think of restaurants when you hear these kinds of slogans, but they don’t stand alone. Businesses often keep their doors open longer, and sometimes never close them, because extending availability expands sales opportunities. It has its benefits, but it still leaves the customer completely in control of the transaction.

Once they are in your door, we have a better way to take control of the time they browse.

It’s no secret that the longer a customer lingers the more likely they will make a purchase—after all, timing makes a sale. Long hours leave things open-ended; you end up waiting around for customers who may or may not take the extra time to give you business. Why not get your customers to spend more time considering you? Introduce a fragrance that makes them feel relaxed and engaged, and most importantly, browsing longer.

Fruity and floral aromas have shown to increase browse times with shoppers. And our commercial scenting system allows you to fill your space with exactly the scent to make them browse longer.

Then, closing the deal is just a matter of time.

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