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You already know the way your store smells has a huge impact on the way customers feel about your business. You may even be doing something intentional already to make sure it smells good in your showroom. But the question is: are you using the best, most efficient commercial scenting system?

Our All-Inclusive Commercial Scent Marketing Service allows you to keep your showroom smelling great all the time, and we make it super easy.

Why? Because smell matters.

In fact, 75% of emotions are generated by smell. With all the other senses, you think before you respond but with scent your brain responds before you think.

That means your customers form immediate opinions and emotional responses based on smell, and we know that when it comes to selling, a lot of the times the purchase decision comes down to how people feel.

So, if you aren’t yet intentionally doing something to control the way your showroom smells – you should. It makes a huge impact.

If you have already put some effort into scenting your space, let us do it for you! It’s the best way, and if you don’t believe me – I want to show you.

I will ship the whole system to you to try absolutely free. I won’t even ask for payment information or an agreement - or anything - until you decide you want me to do it.

It is risky but I’ll take the risk because I know you will love it.

So, how’s it work?

Our commercial scenting system is based on an all-inclusive model. We provide a cold diffusion system designed for commercial use. We program this to work on your schedule so you or other employees don’t have to worry about turning it on or off. It will come on a few minutes before you open so the place smells great from the minute your customers start walking through the door.

Then, we monitor it and send refills automatically, so you don’t have think about it, you never run out, and it always smells amazing.

We also provide continuous support just in case anything ever happens.

I would love to send you a system to try out FREE. It will help you not only elevate your showroom but also make your job easier.

If you know you’d like to try it out, reach out to me now at 888.465.3661 and I’ll get the system out to you to try out FREE in your store.

Some parting thoughts:

“Sensory Marketing Institute carried out a research on customer behavior in New York. The research showed that the time customers spent in stores increased by 25-40% after adding a citrus scent.”

“Smell and Taste Institute carried out a research from Nike stores: according to this study, 84% of customers were more likely to buy sneakers in a scented store. They were even willing to pay 10€ more for the same pair of shoes”

“International Journal of Marketing Studies survey of 400 customers after shopping in a Nike store reported that a “pleasant ambient scent” improved their opinion not only of the store and its products, but the chances they would shop there again.”

“a German study reported that when the smell of newly mown grass was diffused throughout different areas of a large home improvement store, shoppers were drawn to the scented areas and considered employees more knowledgeable than those working in the store’s unscented sectors.”

“According to a study from the International Journal of Marketing: the amount of money spent in Gaming Houses increased 45% when they added scent to their stores.”

“74% of consumers are drawn into a store because of smell”

“With all other senses, you think before you respond but with scent your brain responds before you think”

“Scent is our most primitive sense, It’s the closest thing to the emotional brain. It penetrates you. You love it, and you want to be part of it.” – Isabelle Ramsey-Brackstone

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell”

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