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Unlike the other 4 senses, our sense of smell is an immediate trigger for emotions and memories.

Commercial Scenting Solution

You already know the way your business smells makes a HUGE impression on your guests. But are you using the easiest, simplest, most cost-effective method?

  • Make a great first impression

  • Set it and forget it technology

  • It smells amazing and customers LOVE it!


(which means they'll love doing business with you and tell all their friends that you are super amazing and the best ever. And they should give all their business to you because your store is awesome and YOU are awesome! YES - It IS that amazing)​

All-Inclusive Commercial Scenting Services

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With our all-inclusive commercial scenting service, scenting your environment and creating an engaging customer experience is incredibly easy.

Whether you're focused on a large retail showroom, or a smaller office space or lobby, we have the solution to help you create exactly the environment you desire.

How Does The Fragrant Solutions Service Work?

We provide the Diffuser(s)

We have multiple diffuser options that allow us to deliver just the right amount of aroma to fill your space at a consistent level, 100% of the time.

We provide continuous refills

We have a bunch of fragrance options and once we have the diffuser set up, you don't have to watch the levels or order refills. We proactively send you new oil so you never run out and your space always smells great!

We provide complete support

We also maintain the hardware and provide technical support should you need it. And we'll provide a full replacement if it malfunctions or problems arise.

We truly make it as easy and effortless for you as we possibly can. Because we LOVE our customers. 

Click here to Try It Out!

“I love it! My Customers love it! It always smells great in here and the service is phenomenal”


-Chis Henson, Threads Sporting Goods

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